At Mafic studios our team has over 25 years of combined experience in design & animation. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your technical requirements and vision are met.


Full productions can use any and all the services provided by Mafic Studios and may also include still photography and video. A production can result in a piece that is an appropriate length for the task at hand; be it an introduction to your product/company, safety and training videos, advertising, and so on. These pieces tend to be more involved but can be done in a relatively short time frame, depending on the availability of source materials.


Still images are generally considered to be a step up from concept art, where additional steps are taken to refine the piece into a polished work.  The end result can still have considerable variability in its quality, and can range from a stylistic impression to a photo-real rendering, depending on the client needs, and the medium that it will be presented in.


3D isn’t needed for all projects, or it may be necessary to enhance the 3D image with 2D elements. Like 3D, a 2D illustration can vary considerably in its detail and/or quality.  It can be done as pixels or vectors. Mafic Studios can also help you with Photos, either with simple or advanced photo retouching, or photo-manipulation.


To produce anything in 3D, at least one model needs to be created.  Such models can be based on anything from a conversation, through napkin sketches and CAD drawings.  Detail can vary, depending on the end goal of the work.   As necessary, these models can be given texture, which itself can greatly vary in its quality and realism. Models can be created with a general impression of the finished object, or in engineering quality detail, in SolidWorks.  They can be primitive or photoreal.


Concept art can range from a refinement of a napkin sketch, through to finished artwork for approval, proposals, or patents.  Generally, this product is done quickly and cheaply, keeping details vague and geometry simple. Often, the client does not want to show how the object actually works, rather, they want to give a basic idea of form and function.  The goal is not to make the viewer feel that the subject of the images are complete and finished thoughts; instead, they are in development.


Like everything else, animation can vary considerably in quality.  While an animation is usually rendered at 30 frames per second, the effort to animate something need not be excessively more than that of a still.  That said, an animation can involve significant processing time. Animations do require some advanced preparation, but the goal is always to ensure the minimum amount of effort to create the best result.  When a quote is provided, rendering is included.


To facilitate all aspects of production, Mafic Studios has a large render farm, comprising over 35 units, combined to over 1 THz of computational power.  This means that Mafic is able to have a high turn around for processor intensive work, and provides the ability to create a higher quality in the same amount of time.

Renderers currently used are finalRender 3.5, V-Ray 3.5, for 3ds Max and default renderers under Max and Maya. In some circumstances, the farm is available for rent.