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Mafic Studios is a 3D animation company based in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. We work hard to make sure that the clients get exactly what they need, when they need it, and under budget. We work with clients to make sure that their needs are met. We pride ourselves on honesty, hard work, value, and happy customers.

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New Update! The gallery has recently undergone a long overdue update. June 2008.

Mafic Studios and Popular Science

In March 2005, Mafic Studios created its first image for Popular Science, illustrating the feature article, on Bigelow Aerospace. Since then, we have illustrated nine articles, which have appeared in the March, June, July, August and September issues, with several images due to appear in the near future.

Take a look at all we've done so far in the gallery.



Mafic Studios and SpaceDev

In 2004, SpaceDev (the manufacturers of the engines used in SpaceShipOne) contracted Mafic Studios to produce imagery to promote their new venture, the Dream Chaser. This space plane is intended to capture a piece of the space tourist market, opened up by the winning of the X-Prize. (more on Dream Chaser)

Our relationship has grown to include several more images and animations (not currently available for viewing).

Starting with a small budget and little time, we worked together to produce an animation of the Dream Chaser being launched. We are now in production to produce a full animation, from the Dream Catcher leaving the hanger, through it's flight, and back to Earth. You can see the animation done thus far in our gallery.